02 March 2009

Day One Hundred Sixty-Four.

The minutes on the clock are just ticking today. They don't seem to want to go by fast or rush to 5:00pm. I feel like I have been sitting at work for so long. Whenever the work week starts I have a hard time motivating myself to want to stay at work or go to the gym after. Of course I end up doing both, but by the time I end up making it to bed on Monday night I always feel exhausted.

I don't go right from work to the gym because it is ridiculous how many people do. I too want to get it over with as soon as I can, but it is prime time and the cardio room has a sign up board for machines. If I go home, take care of Emmie, have dinner, and pack my gym bag by the time I get there between 7:30pm and 8:00pm only a few of us are left. By the time I shower and get home it is well after 9pm. The hardest part of going later is motivating myself to get back in the car and drive there haha.

This post was a complete ramble. :) Hurry up 5pm.


jlc said...

I love working out right after work, but totally know what you mean about it being prime time. All my co-workers actually pack a bag at work to go straight to the gym OR use the gym at our school. (I'm not a fan of that. Haha.)

For some reason, being around more people watching me sweat creeps me out. The fewer the better!

Hope this work week goes by fast for you. How many more till R&R now? 6?

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