05 March 2009

Day One Hundred Sixty-Seven.

United Concordia and their "benefits" suck.

That is all.


kd said...

Here, here.

I have TMJ and they don't cover any treatment for it because the exact cause is not known. ARGH

d.a.r. said...

Agreed. I am almost at my limit for the entire year and I have had ONE appointment!! They don't cover any sort of sedation for root canals, and they don't cover pain medication or novacaine. What the heck??

Kristen said...

And, you have to find a decent dentist that actually accepts that insurance.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry. :( Unfortunately, most dental insurance are like this. The only one good one I have seen from working in a dental office is UPS' dental insurance.

jlc said...

I hate dealing with insurance. I have no idea what his covers anymore, I just use mine. But yeah, I'm kinda getting the sense from all the other comments that it does indeed suck.

Hang in there! Is everything alright?

Unknown said...

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