16 April 2009

Day Two Hundred Nine.

April 16th...that day Jason showed up on my doorstep.

Jason and I did a lot of talking before we became "official" or "exclusive" whatever we call it these days. It was an obvious attraction and mutual feelings between the two of us before he took his R&R from his last deployment. He had planned on going with one of his buddies to spend the two weeks in some exotic location before deciding he wanted to change those plans and surprise me. I remember not hearing from him for a week or so before the doorbell rang one day at my apartment. When I went to answer it he was standing there in ACU's and his bag on one shoulder with a big grin on his face. It was that very day that the two of us became "official" or "exclusive." I mean who flies half way around the world to surprise a girl on her doorstep?! Oh yes my husband. :)

We have yet to spend an April 16th together since that one. Between our long distance relationship and his training it hasn't worked out until now. We took the Mustang out of storage today to go for a drive by the water. We then parked and walked for a drink during happy hour and to a nice sushi place for dinner on the water. This was all of course before the Xterra had a flat tire on the way to get the Mustang and we had to walk to town to get air for it so we could drive it to a place to be fixed haha. Surprise? Nope...just our luck.


J.L.S. said...

What a cute story!

And that would so be mine and Scott's luck, too.

d.a.r. said...

Too cute!! Happy anniversary, glad yall got to spend it together!

jlc said...

I want pics of you guys in that 'Stang!! That's awesome!!!

PS LOVEEEE the part where you say "oh yes, my husband."

You. are. adorable.

LilBoo said...

And I can still remember that day and talking to you on the phone =) Hope you guys are having a great time together!

lola said...

Aw!! At least you'll have the memories to look back on -- if it's not giggle-worthy now, give it a year and it will be :)

Samantha said...

That is a very cute story!! Me and My hubs in all the years we've known each other have not spend one of my birthdays together! But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next year! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I love that story! It's so cute! I'm glad you guys got to spend that day together again!