26 April 2009

Day Two Hundred Nineteen.

In Alaska we have HUGE ravens. They seem like they are about the size of small chickens and they are everywhere. Emmie always notices them but has never gone after them. There we don't have squirrels for her enjoyment. That was until we came to Michigan. Emmie is always on the hunt for a squirrel and she can spot them a mile away. I am so scared that one day she will have a successful catch and bring it back to show off especially when we move back to the lower 48. So when Jason and I were strolling the aisles at the store one day they had a selection of pet toy squirrels. Right away we knew we had to buy Emmie one. Instead of just giving it to Emmie on Easter when we saw her he put it up in the tree that she watches for squirrel movement in. The result?! A dog that was going nuts that her daddy actually had a squirrel and wasn't sharing it with her...

Emmie did eventually "catch" the squirrel and it was more so a disappointment to her in the end haha.

Also pictured is Bella...one of Emmie's only two friends that iisn't a human haha.