10 April 2009

Day Two Hundred Three.

Movie time!

We have watched a lot of comedies and catching up on some of the new releases out since the start of leave. So far we have watched:

-Pineapple Express
-Fred Claus
-Role Models
-Yes Man
-Don't Mess with the Zohan

We have a few more to watch this weekend as well.

Has anyone seen anything lately worth renting or a good recommendation!? Let me know. Maybe I can talk Jason into a romance haha.


J.L.S. said...

We watched Pineapple Express on R&R too... well, he watched it. I fell asleep a little more than halfway through it... surprise surprise! :) I'm not help with the movies. When Scott isn't here, I tend to ignore whatever movies are coming out. He is the only one I really like to share movies with, so it's easier for me to not know what's playing than it is to see stuff that I want to watch with him knowing I can't!

So glad you are enjoying your time together so far!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Changeling was good. It's a pretty serious movie though. Slumdog millionaire is actually pretty good too. Check them out! Glad you're enjoying R&R!!!

lola said...

Confessions of a Shopaholic was actually pretty funny as long as you don't expect much out of it :) Other than that, I really haven't seen many movies lately that you haven't already hit! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh, I forgot to put Australia as well. It's a really good movie, good scenery, hot guy and romance.

jlc said...

We rented Vicky Christina Barcelona when Bumbee was on his R&R. It was pretty good, and a few scenes get you in the mood. ;)

Ummm not to mention Slumdog Millionaire was amazingggggg!! And it's already out on rent. (We saw it in the theatres and loved it.)

JB said...

How was Pineapple Express? I want to see it, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it or not.

I hope JJ is enjoying his time catching up on movies and life.

*hearts; you!

Samantha said...

Well I just saw "I love you, Man" It was hilarious!!! As far as renting goes try Marley and Me. It's mushy and there will be tears, but it is a great story about life and family and how things work out one way or the other. :)

Mrs. Mootz said...

I haven't seen any of those. Well, we tried watching Fred Claus, but Stonewall got bored. He's more of a Star Wars guy....*sigh* and *eye roll* Ghosttown is super funny!