23 May 2009

Day Two Hundred Forty-Six.

This past week has been so frustrating with phone calls from Jason. He isn't the source of frustration it is the generators! For three days in a row we had phone calls that were cut off mid conversation and yesterday our first attempt at an online conversation was also shortened. However, tonight he called and we talked for almost thirty minutes. A whole half an hour of conversation that had an ending and time for an I love you. Nothing is more frustrating that the amount of attempts we have made to finish a conversation form the previous day only to end again in the same manner the next. Hopefully soon someone will figure out the generator and they will have power for more than twenty minute rotations during the day.

Another deployment perk....oh the sarcasm. :)


J.L.S. said...

Yeah the power issue sucks. Scott's worked nights for the majority of this deployment so we haven't had many day time conversations. But, poor thing is always trying to sleep during the day and the power goes out and his room gets ridiculously hot and he ends up not sleeping before work... or showering, sometimes if the power is still off when he has to go to work. I really hate that they can't seem to get the power to stay on!

And I also really hate those conversations that end in the middle without you getting a chance to tell them you love them. I always get morbid thoughts when that happens... not a good place for me! But, I'm glad you finally got a full conversation!!!

Mayhem At The McNeils said...

congrats on the full convo! I found your blog through New Girl and thought Id say hi! my husband is in Iraq right now on tour number two.we've been pretty lucky as far as the power issue goes. not to many drop out, but then again we mostly IM and chat computer to computer. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing with us all! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! I'm glad you made it through a phone convo!

That's the most frustrating thing! I've had to deal with it a few times and it's so annoying and then you begin to wonder if everything is ok. I'm so glad it's been awhile since I've had to deal with the power going out!

Is he still holding up in that not cool location we talked about?

Kristen said...

Yuck! Sorry about all the stupid power issues, I know how much that sucks. I'm glad that you finally got to have a decent conversation.

Mrs. Mootz said...

Stonewall and I have been having the same problem. Ugh! Soon it will be over though and you guys will be talking face-to-face!!

Samantha said...

That is crappy! Kevin and I haven't had that issue, but I'm happy they seem to have it figured out over there! =)

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