15 May 2009

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Eight.

So I think all my bitching the other day about not being able to find housing that wasn't "Last Frontier Alaska" style paid off haha.

I found a place less than a block away from our previous condo so it is in the same neighborhood and close to post. We would really be downsizing to be able to live there because it is a small town home and two bedrooms and pretty cramped living space compared to what we have been use to. It is however newly modeled with a great owner and it isn't permanent (just until next spring when we PCS).

I have been weighing the pros and cons for the past few days...
-Paying for laundry
-Not being able to use my fabulous washer and dryer
-Two bedrooms and not much storage
-Tiny kitchen
-Common area
-Storage in the second room will take up Jason's video gaming space(which means I have to hear and watch it downstairs while I make dinner haha jk)
-No yard for Emmie to run and play in
-Parking in the driveway during the winter so we can use the garage as storage

-Within our budget
-It isn't forever
-It is close enough to post for J to still come home on lunch and after PT
-It is a block away from my best friend there
-It isn't Alaska frontier style
-We use to live in the same neighborhood so we are familiar with it

I have more cons listed but honestly the fact that Jason can come home after PT and crawl back into bed for a little bit or to stop by for lunch is the selling point. If we lived further away he probably wouldn't be able to do that often and being closer allows him to come home when he wants to.

Soooo I was going to hold off until I was able to tell Jason this, but OUR APPLICATION GOT ACCEPTED!!! :)


jlc said...

That is soooo excited!!!

SO happy for you guys!!! And yes, it isn't forever always need to be in the back of your head with PCSing. :)

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Yeah!! I can't wait to see pictures!

Maybe you can find a laundromat with wireless. Then you can get it all done at once while surfing the net.

Unknown said...

Well as long as its not forever, I think I could handle just about anything:p This is coming from a girl who lived in a chicken coop in Oregon in the dead of winter for five months...Burrr...:p

Mrs. Mootz said...

That's awesome that you found something you like...can live with :)

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