14 May 2009

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Seven.

I love phone calls where Jason and I can tell each other jokes and talk about nonsense. Usually we are so pushed for a little time to discuss finances, his job, my job, and everything in between that it leaves us with very little time to just discuss funny things in the news or talk about our favorite mutual funny topic; Stephen Colbert. As my work day was finishing today Jason called. He was about to finish guard and thought he would sneak in and give me a call before he got off duty and went to bed. We talked a little about housing but for the most part the phone call was full of laughs. It makes things feel so much easier when you forget the whirlwind around you and just connect on a level like that for a little while. :)


Unknown said...

I love those phone calls too, so I know what you mean...There was a time were I worried when Robert and I didn't have those conversations (everytime) but you learn thats not always the way of things and learn to really hold onto and enjoy the times those calls do happen:)Glad you were able to have one with the hubs today:p

jlc said...


So true. Going about the day to day humdrum life... you often forget what it's like to be on that level with each other again. So glad you got in a good talk with him!

Espesh if it's about Colbert. :)

Sara said...

Didn't we have more of those before we got married and had to discuss "grown-up" things lol

Mrs. Mootz said...

Those calls are definitely the best!

noor said...