02 May 2009

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Five.

Deciding on what Jason wants to do next and where we hope to go can be stressful. We have been doing a lot of talking lately about what our next chapter will be. Our hope is Jason will be non-deployable for awhile with a new job title and we can begin a family. I also think he is ready for a little break and to try something new. Most of all right now we are wondering where we will go after Alaska. We are excited to one day get orders (maybe in the super near future) and plan our new adventure at the beginning of next year. I a super grateful for the chance the Army gives us to move, see the country (sometimes the world), and the pride it gives me for the sacrifices and dedication my husband gives each day. However, lately I have been hoping for a slight break after this deployment where we can skip on all the prep work knowing there is another deployment like last time and just focus on us and enjoy each other. I feel sad some days that I feel like J is missing out on a piece of my life that is not replaceable and I for him. So my hope is where ever we go next that we are able to enjoy a little time together without the stresses of our next separation and/or deployment For a little while I would just like to share my life with my other half. :)


Sara said...

amen to that sister : )

Kristen said...

Same here!

Samantha said...

Desiding to PCS can be stressful too... Depending on the post and unit he could deploy again- but if he is the type to go up his chain of command (I mean if the unit is leaving)- he'll get his 12 months dwell time! =)Also, wait for it.... The last Army times I saw had "9 month deployments and 24 month dwell times" as a headline. So there is something to look foward to! Stay positive girl..

hmb said...

I would really like to go overseas once...but I probably wouldn't want to do that right after alaska. where do ya'll want to go?

jlc said...



Mrs. Mootz said...

I hear you. As ANG we're a little different because our future can be a bit more certain should we choose to go that route, but since Stonewall is AGR (active-duty guard reserve), we have many of the same options as active-duty army. Right now Stonewall is looking at jobs where we are right now, but he's also looking into jobs overseas with the ANG. Who knows? By this time next year I could be in Germany!

I want more kids, but I'm so uncertain right now when we'll have them. I know I don't want to have to go through having a newborn without him home again.

I hope you guys get the chance to have some down time to just be with each other...well, until the little ones come along :)

lola said...

I so agree. It doesn't seem like too much to ask for! :)

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