01 May 2009

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Four.

You know how they say dogs are man's best friend? That they are loyal to "their people" and can boost happiness just by petting them? Lots of studies out there. Anyways, I just have to give a little credit to Emmie. When I got home yesterday she jumped onto the couch, sniffed my mouth, and laid right next to me. Since I got home she has been checking on me and sticking by my side. She usually doesn't nap during the day, but if I sleep and wake up she is right there with me. She can be a bit of a pain some days and a little hard headed and with all of that it is days like today I am glad she is my "daug"ther haha.


J.L.S. said...

Hahaha I loved that cheesy spelling! I don't know where I'd be without my mom's 2 babies. I'm going to be lost when I have to leave them in September! :(

Samantha said...

I know what you mean My beast, Brody has really been 'there' for me while kevin has been away too... I posted about him a while back. It's sweet that they just 'know'!!! =)

jlc said...

Piper never fails to be there for me!! Waggin' his stub whenever I come home from work.

Our kids really make our day.. don't they?? :)

Random Musings said...

I think its amazing how dogs are. We rescued ours 2 years ago and we both wonder what we would every did without her.

Mrs. Mootz said...

I love the spelling! You should check out the book "Tell Me Where It Hurts" by Dr. Nick Trout. It's a book about a day in the life of an animal surgeon...At least once every chapter I was like, "Come here puppies! I want to pet you and tell you how much I love you because you love me!"

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