04 May 2009

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Seven.

I have been researching like a mad woman three possibilities (drill, recruiting, TOG) that we have been discussing for Jason to do next with his career. Would it be sad if I said at this point I don't like all of them haha!? I have been doing a lot of reading to see what other wives say and no one has said "We love it!" or "It is a great job!" Everything has an and or a but in it and many of the wives seem negative or resentful of their husband's job. The only thing I like about the choices are all are non-deployable (and here comes the but on my behalf), but each one of them requires long intense hours, weekends, twelve plus hour days, etc. After two deployments it seems like all of these options would be wonderful because my husband wouldn't be back overseas for at least a few years. On the other hand he wont have those four day weekends, the amount of leave he can take now, and to be home every day around 5pm or so, etc with his current job when he is home. I just feel so torn about what is best for us and especially him. Do we just dive in and see for ourselves how one of them turns out or do we listen to the caution signs? Sometimes I wonder if we should just risk going to a new duty station without changing anything and keep our fingers crossed that we have a little time together before he ends up back overseas. I just don't know and wish the answer was more simple.

The Army is stressing me out. :)


d.a.r. said...

Hmmm yeah, I love it when there is nothing you can do but stress :)

What is drill and TOG? I obviously still don't know all of my army lingo. Recruiting I could pretty much figure out on my own, haha!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm with d.a.r. I don't know all the army lingo either.

I'm all about Matt never having to deploy again...will it happen probably but here's to hoping. I wish he would get in a position where it puts it off for a few years.AT LEAST

Anonymous said...

It was nice coming across your blog today. My husband is currently deployed too. I don't know how you guys in the army do it.

Daddy's Fighting for Freedom said...

We are kind of in the same situation right now with reenlisting. I would love to have my dh at home more but when he was non-deployable before he was home less.

lola said...

I wish I had an answer for you.. :( It seems there isn't ever a quick and easy decision with the Army. I think it all comes down to taking it with a positive mindset and looking for the best. :)

jlc said...

Wish I could help!


Hope you had a good day despite all the stressing! It'll work out.... just try to think about him being home again soon.

Although I admit I'm a LOT like you, where I am already thinking about saying goodbye to him in September... and he hasn't even gotten home yet.

Again.. more things alike! ;)

Random Musings said...

Follow your heart. Everything will work out just exactly the way its supposed to...

JB said...

Flamingo! Try not to stress out too much over it, everything will work out in the end. To be honest, I am convinced there isn't a job in the Army conducive to the family unit. Personally, I'd take the leap and try something new, it's not forever. You'll never know unless you take a risk, right?

I ♥ you!

Samantha said...

When my hubs and I talk about the future and how to proceed with the Army, the only thing I ask Kevin is what he will be happy doing. While his career, in the Army is difficult and has obvious affects on me and people who love him in my mind it's really up to what he wants to be doing and what he will be happy doing. For instance my hubs isn't built to sit in an office or to sell people on the Army (so recruiting is out for him). On the Other hand he could possibly go for Drill... Maybe considering what your man is more suited for will help you narrow your choices??? My Man likes to get dirty and be outside... =) You guys will do what works for you... the rest will work out.

Mrs. Mootz said...

Good luck figuring this out. We're in a very similar position. Stonewall had an interview for a recruiting position and its looking good, but we would have to move. That's one of awesome things about the active-duty ANG I can't complain about. Once you pick your home you could potentially stay there for the duration of the military career. That's what we're basically trying to decide now...stay or move.

megan said...

Wish i could help but i'm pretty much in the same boat! Stressing over where we are going to go next and hoping its "the place" I want to live. Also stressing over possible upcoming deployments less than a year away when he gets back! ahh!

I feel your pain!

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