18 June 2009

Day Two Hundred Seventy-Two.

Deployment perk #493473...*sarcasm*

Oh communication! I hate when days pass by turning into more than a week when I have heard nothing from my husband. No matter who you are it plays games with your head. You think the what if, why, if he is okay, if you did something wrong, anything to figure out why you aren't hearing anything. I have NO idea how wives and family did it during other wars because more than a week takes a complete toll on me. I don't think some of the wives who get to talk to their husbands on a daily basis, webcam often, or always chat online really realize how blessed they are sometimes. I haven't seen J on webcam since February and even then it was a rare occasion...boo. He is going to spend his last few months deployed on a real FOB. I am happy that he will have some of the perks that so many have for the time they have to spend there from the chow hall to AAFES and all the things his middle of nowhere place hasn't provided in the past nine months. I can only hope one thing when he moves...

That communication is better and/or he has more time to be in touch with me. Sigh.


d.a.r. said...

I've heard from Z twice since June 1. I totally feel you. I feel like some ladies get so used to hearing from their husbands all of the time that they don't realize what a blessing it is. My husband is at a JSS that doesn't have milk in the chow hall--and hasn't since December. Can you imagine? When he came home for R&R all he wanted was ketchup because he hadn't had ketchup in 8 months. He doesn't have a room or a bed, he sleeps in a tent. It's frustrating when people think "Oh, Iraq, that's sooo civilized and cushy now." Right.

'Scuse me. I am cranky because I haven't heard from him and have the worst PMS imaginable. Just wanted you to know you are NOT alone!!

Hang in there, we are SO close to being done!!!!!

Post Tenebras Lux said...

=(. The week mark is when I *really* start having a hard time, too--the mind games are incredible. I'm sorry things are so few and far between. I hope things are better for him--and communication is better for *both* of you, after his move.

Samantha said...

Remember: "No news is good news". Being one of those females who does mostly hear from my soldier on a daily basis, 1) I will totally agree that (we) really don't know how good we have it 2) the grass isn't always greener.... I think twice a week is completely ideal for me! Bc being in this routine of talking with my man everyday it makes that worrying even more frequent. =(

Random Musings said...

Oh hun.

Just a few more months!

Lisa said...

And here I was feeling a little sad because I can't talk to P for a couple weeks while he is at training.

How's that for a dose of reality? I'm so sorry for you and d.a.r. That's got to be so tough on you both. I hope you hear from him soon!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It does play with your head. When Matt and I go without speaking for awhile it always reeks havoc on me. I start to get insecure and I'm like what if, what's going on, doesn't he love me etc. It blows.

I hope you get more communication once he moves.

Oh I agree on the sleeping arrangements. Matt is living in a shipping container. Their ac never works and the poor boy is melting.

Sara said...

I think my husband is in one of those pre-tech wars lol I mean they don't even have real phones, come on!

Unknown said...

I've been on both sides of the coin. While Robert was in Iraq I hear from him most every night and got to do the webcam thing A LOT! But when he went to Afaghistan that was another story! Like maybe once every two weeks and even then it was only a very short email. I never actually got to hear his voice until the day he came back home and was sitting in the airport waiting on his connecting flight. So I know how you feel! It sucks!!! Hang in there, he'll be in contact with you soon girl:)

J.L.S. said...

I'm so sorry hun. I was one of the blessed ones and I always felt a little guilty about it. But, I agree with Samantha.. it's not all rosey. I did get to see him almost every night on webcam, but because he was inside the wire, his day was the exact same day in and day out. He often had absolutely nothing to say to me... so we would sit and stare at each other. Yes it was nice talking to him, but I couldn't help feeling like we were growing apart... we couldn't joke the same way we used to, it was nothing like we are in person. There were many nights our conversations would just leave me wanting to cry. There were also many nights our "conversations" left us fighting because we had nothing to say to each other. We fought A LOT on this deployment... and before that we had almost never fought.

So there are perks to both sides. I'm not trying to say I had it hard. Please don't take it as that. I'm just trying to tell you it wasn't all good either. I do hope you hear from him soon. I know the worrying really does take a toll!

Mayhem At The McNeils said...

i totally get where your coming from! The longest i went without hearing from my love was 12 days! It was soooooo crappy, but everything that u said ran through my mind too...ugh. Anyways, i think its great you can survive a week though--me, 3 days is pushing it! LOL!

Steph said...

Reading this reminded me of how much trying to communicate with my hubby sucked while he was deployed. Where he was at the internet was broke more than it was working and the phones were about the same.

Keep your head up and remember that it will all be over soon and hopefully you won't have to go through it again.

Hope you hear from him soon.

Mrs. Mootz said...

I hope you hear from him soon!

It's different every month for us. One month I'll hear from him like every other day and then the next month (which is the month) it'll be a week or longer until I hear from him. I'd say I don't know which is better to make you feela little better, but honestly, it is better to hear from him every other day. Even when we run out of things to talk about, I would rather just hear a "Hi! I love you!" than nothing at all.

Unknown said...

Found your blog via somewhere...I'm gearing up for hubby's 2nd deployment also. I've started a Private blog to journal my thoughts and will open it up when I can release more details of the deployment...until then, I'm reading others...and garnering strength!

Totally understand the communication thing...although our 1st deployment, I was one of the fortunate ones you talk about and I am extremely grateful! Probably won't be as lucky this time around :(

Mrs. B said...

omg i totally know what you mean! the last deplyment we went through aaron was able to call almost every day. now, it's only a few times a week and he just told me that they're moving, so expect it to be even less. it's very hard to wait for calls, and it constantly keeps you wondering whats going on.

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