16 June 2009

Day Two Hundred Seventy.

Megan at Army, Alaska, Life filled this cute little thing out and I figured I would jump on the bandwagon. Make sure you fill it out too because I am nosy like that and want to know about you too haha. :)

These are my Comfort things:

My Comfort Clothes:
-A brown graphic t-shirt I stole from Jason
-Champion sweatpants
-AE sweatpants

-VS rugby pants and a tank
-Ugg boots

-Army sweatshirt

My Comfort Foods:
-Ice cream
-A glass of wine

My Comfort Movies:
-Romantic comedies that I haven't seen yet

-Shrek/Monsters Inc/any animated funny movie
-King of Queens DVDs should count too haha

My Comfort Books:
-Books filled with quotes

-Shel Silverstein poetry

My Comfort Activities:
-Being with hubby

-Working out
-Walking Emmie

-Reading a good book
-Online "browsing" that turns into purchasing
-Laying in the sun
-Long phone calls with good friends


d.a.r. said...

Haha I internet shop for comfort, as well :)

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Oh yes girl! You're speaking my language...Dorito chips are my fave and any flavor, it doesn't matter:p

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

POPCORN! that's whats up. =) ha haaa

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

I think all milspouses have a favorite tshirt that was once their husbands!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love this! I might have to steal it! Ps I'm all about ugg boots!

lola said...

hahah I am so guilty of the browsing turning to purchasing! :)

J.L.S. said...

Hahaha I stole a graphic T of Scott's that I gave him for Christmas the year he proposed... I don't think he'll get it back any time soon! I also stole a pair of his lounge pants... I've worn them every time he's come home/I've gone to see him... I told him he isn't getting those back... ever! :)

JG said...


Ashley said...

I just found your blog! It is great! I love my uggs. In fact, I am secretly ready for fall so I can wear them!!