08 June 2009

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Two.

Remember the 3D glasses that had the red and blue lenses?!They totally upgraded to gray lenses with an over sized plastic frame. Sooo much more stylish.

And I was like a five year old super excited to see a Disney movie in 3D without a toddler in tow just a friend haha.


Samantha said...

Did you see "Up!" ???? 3D has totally come a long way.... VERY stylish... =P

JG said...

Wow, you totally pull those off.

Mayhem At The McNeils said...

thats freaking awesome! :) I agree with JG----Not to shabby for kids frames! LOL

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Yay; fun! Hang in there.

Random Musings said...

"Work it baby, work it..."

bonus points if you know what movie that is from...lol

lola said...

very Nicole Richie-esque! (but better!) hehe ;)

Lisa said...

I'm SO going to see Up! Especially if I can find a 3D theater to see it in!

Brandi said...

LOL Love the photo ... um I saw a 3D kiddie movie this past winter ... alone. : x


Mrs. Mootz said...

You're totally rockin those shades :) 3D movies are awesome (even if the glasses leave a little something to be desired)!

Rebecca said...

You look so cute!

ashley said...

You are adorable! I think they are definitely a great upgrade!

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