28 July 2009

Day Three Hundred Eleven.

Do you know a rain dance?! Go ahead and try it out! :)

The wildfire smoke has been continuous for the past two weeks and without rain and one fire only being less than 25 miles south of town the smell is horrible. It literally rains ash at night. At first the smell of a big BBQ wasn't so bad a few weeks ago and now it is just a headache. The southern part of Alaska has been getting the rain but we really need it now. Hopefully soon it will be in the forecast because this girl needs some fresh air!


lola said...

Oh, man, please take some of the rain that is on DC's forecast right now. YUCK.

Mrs. B said...

ew. thats one thing about AK that i don't miss! i hope it stops soon!

Sara said...

As if the summer isn't short enough as it, now you are stuck inside, argh!

Lisa said...

Ugh I wish we'd get some rain here too, to alleviate the heat! I always hated the wildfires in California when I was younger. I can imagine how awful it must be to be stuck indoors!

Jessica said...

No fun!
I promise to wake up in the morning and do an exremely ridiculous rain dance for you!

Steph said...

Oh boy, that sounds scary.

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