11 July 2009

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Five.

From now on when moving we are going to calculate vet bills in that for Emmie. No matter what she has proven each time when something changes she doesn't like it with colitis. I thought last night she wasn't feeling well and by the morning she was sick and again it was during the weekend when our normal veterinary isn't open (she tends to need her doctor after hours haha). I ended up taking her in town and they gave her an injection and a few prescriptions. I was able to get her to eat a little tonight and hopefully tomorrow she starts feeling a bit better. It was nothing like the colitis she got last time when Jason left and we went to Michigan. The girl just doesn't like change and she is good at proving it with a hefty vet bill to thank me when it does occur.

...and in other news my Oma appears to be slightly paralyzed on the left and we are still waiting on testing to be done but it does appear that she will be okay.:)


LilBoo said...

Good to hear the your Oma is doing better. Sorry to hear that Emma got sick...Didn't Bella get like that too?

Jessica said...

Glad Oma is doing better! My gradnmother lives a plane ride away from me. I know it's hard when something happens and you can't just take a drive to be there.
Pooor Emmie. Our dog Cayce seems to know when anything changes too. She's pretty much in love with my brother. When he left for Basic, she lost 6 lbs. We're thinking she is getting something awful along the cancer lines. He's been back for about 2 weeks and she's gained 2.5 lbs back!

Samantha said...

That is so good that this are looking up for Oma! =)

I remember when Kevin left for NTC Brody started going potty inside again! These dogs are so perceptive and sensitive!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Ah. High maintenance pets. I understand!

Jamie said...

Glad Oma is doing better. My German grandma was my Oma too. Poor Emmie though! I hope she gets back to normal. I am sure that's one thing that has to make Alaska hard... although it will be so much better when J is home. You're almost there!

Amber said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment, just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for your Oma and glad to hear she's doing better!

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