26 August 2009

Day Three Hundred Forty-One.

...is waiting on the official calls to begin.

Not the one saying I can go pick him up but the one confirming the date since it is pretty common knowledge now and pretty darn close might I mention.

Eeeek! <3


Mrs. Mootz said...

Yep...just waiting...waiting...waiting...

I think you guys might have us beat. Stonewall is still in Iraq, so we're still a couple weeks away from having a date. I think we're still looking at a mid-September time frame.

I'm so happy that your day is almost here!!! (And maybe just a teeny-bit jealous :))

Samantha said...

Don't ya love ethat feeling of them being on their way back? Awwhhh (sigh). :)

PS: You're in my thoughts and prayers... I am happy that no matter what comes next (for you medically) that you're man will be home and by your side! :)

Terra said...

YAY!!! Almost there!!! I am so happy for you! I'm looking at late September!

J.L.S. said...

Yay yay yay! I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement and anticipation for you! I can't wait to see a post show up on my google reader saying "HE'S HOME!!"

LilBoo said...

yay!!! So exciting!!

Post Tenebras Lux said...

The waiting is so hard, eh? I'm glad you're so close.

Cassandra said...

I'm so excited for you!

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