22 August 2009

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Seven.

Volunteering, baking, meetings, Zumba, watching friends kids, running errands, cleaning the house, calling to update the girls in my platoon and give information, helping others get settled back here, painting signs, paying bills, answering plenty of calls with questions on homecoming and today add making beds. My life is super hectic right now! I have been on the go for what seems like the past week volunteering and trying to get things together for our single soldiers coming home. Today I made beds in the barracks with a few other girls for a little over thirty of them. We weren't able to do all seventy because some of the guys have already had household goods delivered to their room. I did make the bed in Jason's old room...so many memories there of my first visit to see him before we were married! I really don't mind helping others and volunteering my time but some times I think I do take on too much. This morning I wanted to do the dishes and start laundry before having to head out and before I knew it my phone was ringing for directions to somewhere, my doorbell was ringing for my new neighbor to get her keys and help move her boxes in and then my phone was ringing with hubby. I never did get five minutes to sit down and eat before I went let alone start the dishes and laundry. To top it all off when I went to drop stuff off for another friend her MIL asked me what I did all day if I wasn't working right now. Pffft I wasn't sure how to take that but maybe she should see a day like yesterday where I leave in the morning and don't get back until after midnight and then ask again. :)

On a brighter note I DID get to the dishes tonight and now I am heading out the door to be at a friends for a gathering in twenty minutes.

Once the whirlwind slows down I will get to everyone elses blogs! I promise within a week it probably will. ;)


Cassandra said...

Wowza you have been busy!! Yay for homecoming though!

Samantha said...

maybe if you're doing it I'll have to give this Zumba a try... hmmm

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! That does sound like a crazy busy week. Homecoming sounds really really close!!!

Jessica said...

phew... sounds like you have a lot on your plate.. look at it this way though. The time will go by that much faster!!

Rebecca said...

Wow you have a lot going on! At least you'll get to see your husband soon!

Steph said...

All this staying busy will make the time go by faster. Its getting close now. Very exciting!

lola said...

Stay busy busy and soon enough the hubby will be home! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Zumba!!!!

Oh and other stuff too! ;-)

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