06 November 2009


Meet Eli :)
Emmie's new brother...oh I can smell the jealousy already when he arrives next Thursday.

Things just never slow down around our house!

I feel like I am reporting old news when I tell you about our second honeymoon but it was nothing short of fantastic. We spent a week in Antigua relaxing, eating too much food and soaking up the sun. It was the perfect way to end the deployment chapter and begin our next chapter together.

We also visited with family in Michigan and I spent two lovely days in bed at my in-laws house sick with food poisoning. Not to mention Emmie was also sick those few days and laid up with me too. Jason was a great nurse though haha and took good care of both of us. Like always we wish we had more time to spend with family because it never seems like enough.

Now we are back in Alaska where winter has already hit. The ground is frozen and temperatures are no higher than 20*! Oh thank goodness this is our last winter here because it is the one thing I wont miss when we move.

We are currently busy with holiday events and gatherings including Jason's redeployment ball tonight and a holiday bazaar tomorrow.

I have a little time right now to catch up on some of you before I have to hit the shower and begin to get ready! I hope everyone is doing great! <3


Samantha said...

Sounds like you guys enjoyed/made the best of your block leave. Have fun at the ball!

Random Musings said...

I can not wait for more pictures!

Shayla said...

that pup is SO Stinkin CUTE :D

and the second honeymoon sounds fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

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Kayla said...

Hi Theresa! I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm a 23 yr old army gf. Mind if I add you to my google reader? Thanks!

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