12 May 2010

Rewind ---->

Does anyone update this thing on their phone?! I just cant find the patience to do so. Now that we are finally starting to get settled in our new home and the cable man came I am connected back to the world I love oh so much...online. :)

I promise to make this a two part series because it would be super long in one AND I have been begging my husband to upload the pictures off his new camera so I can share them...and he hasn't yet.

We spent eight days on the road traveling from Alaska to Michigan. The first day we ended up leaving later than planned and had agreed on not driving at night on the Alaska Highway so we drove close to 450 miles and we ended up stopping 50 miles out of our goal destination of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. That was my first real experience with the wilderness ha ha. Jason pulled over at a rest stop (think dirt side road with a wooden cabin restroom) and we brushed our teeth and walked the dogs before trying to sleep for the night. J did well as I laid on the floor in the backseat of the truck listening the wolves howling and my dogs growling. I was so uncomfortable and couldn't wait until morning. We had to turn the truck on and then off every hour or so to keep warm. The northern lights were out and I was able to watch them from the back of the truck around 3am. They were absolutely beautiful!

As the sun came up we made our way into Whitehorse and drove towards Fort Nelson for the night. That day we stopped at The Sign Forest That was by far the coolest thing I think we saw in Canada. That day we also saw a bunch of stubborn buffalo crossing the road or more like standing in it. There was so many buffalo that it got to the point my dogs were spotting them before we did. We also saw caribou, deer, moose, bald eagles, a fox and surprisingly no wolves or bear.

We made it to Fort Nelson on the 1st just as it was getting dark and I was going to ask Jason if we could possibly get a hotel room as the thought of another night listening to wolves howl really didn't sound delightful to me. Instead as we were feeding the dogs Jason suggested he would drive as I slept and we could switch in the night. I gave in to the idea and had to take a xanax...no really, I had to. The road was dark and no one was on it during the night but us. Around 4am we stopped and switched. As we made our way into Edmonton the northern lights were again dancing in the sky and as I drove I could see them ahead of me. It was just an amazing sight and one I already miss from Alaska.

We were out of Canada in less than three days totaling over 2,000 miles. Phew! We were ahead of schedule at that point and ended up stopping in Great Falls, Montana for the night. We were exhausted!

The next day we took our time getting up and heading towards Yellowstone. We took lots of pictures (insert no pictures) and drove through a lot of country. Think no cellphone service and prairie dogs ha ha. We had reservations in Gardiner, MT and little did we know that nothing is really in Gardiner except the entrance to Yellowstone. When we got there and checked in at the hotel we found out someone stole our credit card AND that it had been shut off. Always a bump in the road, right?

So the next few days were spent in humble Montana. They had a gas station, two restaurants, a bunch of souvenirs and our hotel ha ha. It was then that I decided the country life just wasn't for me...


Steph said...

Sounds like an incredible adventure. I want to drive to Alaska maybe next summer just for fun but the hubby said no way.

Samantha said...

i'm with you... no thanks! Jealous you were able to see the Northern Lights... had to be a sight to behold.

Happy you're blogging!!!

Amanda C. said...

that sounds so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

hi there - i just found your blog and will soon be relocating to the same place! Sounds like quite a road trip ;)

Emily said...

Ahh roadtripping. Always fun ha. Sucks about your credit card! Hopefully you guys were able to get it all figured out.

Post Tenebras Lux said...

You're alive!! Glad to hear from you again =).

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