18 January 2011

Some of my favorite things...

I have always been so jealous of the big towns that have Groupon. I would often browse at the daily deals especially for Atlanta to see what was being offered. When Groupon added more cities last month I had my fingers crossed that they knew their biggest stalker needed one in her own town. It happened!

I love Groupon, not only can you switch the cities to get other deals somewhere else or online, but you save a ton of money. I have bought Groupons to places like Soap.com and for You Bar (where you design your own granola bar) and all of it has been more than half off. Now you are wondering, "Soap.com, really TJ?" Yes, really with free shipping and paying $10 dollars for $25 I stocked up on the TP and paper towels ha ha.

This post in no way shape or form is sponsored I just want you to know that Groupon may have your city now too! If you are a Groupon user tell me what kind of deals you have been lucky to get.

If not click the link and sign up so you can be stockpiling your TP too. :)

Happy Tuesday,