05 March 2011

Hello Happiness

When we were first married our house consisted of nothing...no really, nothing. When we moved J into our new home from the barracks before household goods got there we had a TV, laptop, a few plates, two pots, a pan, and some random broken silverware. Life was beautiful...especially when payday came and we could afford a futon to sleep on...

We spent hours each weekend at the laundromat doing our laundry. It was six weeks before our household goods from my apartment finally arrived and although we didn't have enough to fill a house we were ecstatic to finally have more AND a mattress to sleep on. That futon was going to be the death of me.

It was a few more weeks until we decided to splurge and buy a washer and dryer with whatever savings we had because of how much we were spending on the laundromat each week. That was our first big purchase together other than the Sportage J bought right before we were married. Life was good!

It is hard to believe that was only a few years ago and how far we have come since. Today we have everything we could desire to have and no longer have to wait until payday to purchase something or pay one of our bills or debate if we have enough money to go out to dinner this weekend. However, I am forever thankful for those struggles at the beginning of our marriage because they came with a very important lesson…

Happiness isn't about the material items it is about the people you spend your life with. Sometimes it is hard for others to imagine that as they play the "poor her she can't have kids card" on me, but honestly at the end of the day if I have nothing, no babies (two cute dogs though), a futon for a bed again, three dollars in savings, I know that I have the person I love to share my life with.

I could go back to nothing and do my laundry forever at the laundromat if it meant I was doing it with J,



ashley said...

Love this post. :)

Anonymous said...

Very well said! We are slowly getting to the same spot in our lives. As hard as the first year or two that we were married was, I would gladly still be there as long as Scott was with me. In fact, I kept telling him I'd rather live in debt the rest of my life and have him by my side, then let him go back to the desert. I eventually changed my tune, but I'm definitely looking forward to the day he will be here again... with or without debt! :)

Erin said...

Love it! This post so brings me back to our early wedded days when we had nothing. It really does make you appreciate how far your've come.

Jenny said...

So true! :) <3 Thanks for the thoughts, you're right on the money!

tootie said...

So true!! I loved this post!

Elli D. said...

Nicely written. I remember the times when I moved into my first own home very well, too - all I can do is laugh at myself now. And yes, it is unbelievable how everything changes over just couple of years. We forget to realize it sometimes, thanks for the reminder.

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