31 August 2011


Susan over at Circle + Bloom™ was so awesome to let Army Wife Post try out her great fertility programs. I have been sharing the information with my friends, but wanted to tell you guys all about it too!

Circle+Bloom has multiple meditation CD's available for purchase or download. It is super quick to decide Circle+Bloom is awesome and to quickly download it and get started. Here is the buzz:

My cycles are EXTREMELY crazy. Sometimes they are normal (30ish days) and sometimes like the last it is more like 45 looong days. I have been using Circle+Bloom's Natural Cycle for Fertility Program:

It includes twenty-eight unique audio meditations that are fifteen minutes each. If you are a
"regular girl" this is perfect for you. If you are not one of those blessed vixens that is okay too because Susan is amazing at what she does! I listened to repeat days for days at a time just guessing where I was in my cycle. I took the fifteen minutes each day for myself to just lay there in bed and relax before I got up for the day. Sidenote: Next time I will do this BEFORE I go to sleep for the night as I was always so calm and relaxed that bed instead of work sounded better.

I feel like my life is full of stress and not just the stress of getting pregnant, but my job, school, the FRG, volunteering, wives group, etc etc etc. This fifteen minutes each day allowed me to focus on ME! and not everything else. I also couldn't believe how great I was at switching my mind to focusing on me and the relaxation of my body instead of thinking about typing six pages for a paper, running J lunch, picking up packets for work, etc.

Now let's say you aren't trying to get pregnant like me....who doesn't want babies? ha ha. Circle+Bloom has something for you too! Happy Mind and Healthy Body focuses on a better you and even what any of us need...a Blissful Sleep Program plus so much more!

Susan was also kind enough to let me stock my iPod with meditation program for an IUI/IVF program cycle. I am so antsy to start not only our IVF cycle but that as well to keep me relaxed and hopefully worry free!

One more thing!!! I love Circle+Bloom so much I keep imagining where else I can use the programs. Maybe I can start having sleeping problems so I can use her blissful sleep program ha ha or when I get pregnant (one day!) I can try the one she has made for pregnant women. Genius!

Ohh wait even ONE more thing!!! Susan and Circle+Bloom love the military :) Love it SO much that if you go there and enter the coupon code "military30" at checkout you will be relaxing even more with 30% off EVERYTHING!

Do it and come back and tell me you loved every minute of it :)



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