29 July 2012

The Mom Shift

I have been blessed to be able to have the option of staying home and being a full-time mom when the baby comes.  Years ago I always thought that was ideal and wanted nothing more than to raise children and be a great wife.  Now that I have been working and having something for me after so many years of school I go back and forth about being home full-time.

Part of me would like to have a few months to be mom at home and then get back to work, but on the other hand the likelihood that this is our only child is extremely high and I am not sure I would want to miss any of the firsts or those precious first months.  I guess the right thing to do is to wait it out and see how I feel once our little one makes his or her arrival. :)

I only have about twelve weeks left until baby should be here and I feel just as great as I have been feeling the whole time.  I am tossing and turning more at night, but still no sickness, backaches, headaches, etc., etc.  I have gained ten pounds so far of the 25-35 my doctor said she wouldn't mind seeing.  I am hoping if I continue to eat right, stay active, and continue to be healthy I won't gain a lot more this trimester and will have an easier time getting back in shape later.  Let's face it pregnant or not putting on the pounds and seeing the numbers rise on the scale is never easy!



hmb said...

Saw your blog on Erin's blogroll...many congrats on your pregnancy! We chose to not learn the sex of our child either and it was SO fun! The doctors/nurses at the hospital loved that we didn't know! They'll make a big fuss over you :))

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