30 August 2014

A Northern Livin' Update

D is jumping off the couch as I try to write this. Never a dull moment. Naps are few and far in between, every surface is part of a jungle gym, and toddler boys have energy for days. 

I have been busy creating home projects like so...
And using any free time I get (Really, what is that? My child even ends up in my bed every night) on making our house feel more like a home. I still am struggling with the missing of our last home and the friends we had there. 

Finding mom friends is still a struggle. I've created a group (I am always volunteering myself aren't I) for other women in my boat to get together with their little ones for play dates. So far it seems to be a success. We have met some nice toddlers and moms, but still looking to fill that void. It's hard y'all. The struggle is real. I miss my family like no other on this move. J is in town and out of town constantly, D has been sick for a month straight (cold, croup, bronchiolitis, high fevers, and then throwing up), and I have no one reliable I feel like I can call on and cry to like I had in Georgia. Although I must say my family has been so sweet and supportive from afar. You know moms - they tell you what you need to hear to keep chugging along. 

Enough pity party though. Let's get back to the teepee. Is it not awesome? D loves it and I am super excited about it. We read books and had a snack in it this morning. Our dog tends to think it is her princess palace, but it is so fun for all of us!

I'm close to having a two year old and I just can't even think about it! I'm brainstorming gift ideas and wondering how my only baby can already be getting so big!


Until next time,  


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