17 May 2016

A New Babe!

I've been busy...

We survived another deployment...well when I say we survived I basically mean I survived a deployment with a three year old and being pregnant alone. That in itself is a huge accomplishment, ha. We moved home for a bit so I could have the baby and have some help and then moved back. 

Three months ago I gave birth to a handsome second son! His height and weight were exactly the same as his older brother. Cloud nine. He is a healthy and happy little guy. Shortly after his birth we moved back to where we are stationed and waited for J to return home. In the past few weeks he came home and we have been reuniting and getting to know a family of four instead of a family of three!

I have been having some issues still recovering from his birth, but I can't complain with the three boys in my life I have been blessed with. I'm trying to organize my life a little better and carve out more time for myself, but let's be honest - having a three year old and a three month old seems absolutely insane some days. 

I promise to do better in the blogging world now that we are getting into routine !


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